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Frequently asked questions

What is the currancy of the website?

All Price in US Dollars

What are the different between stainless steel, aluminium and aerospace aluminum?

Stainless Steel is the most hardest and heaviest material in these three options. Aerospace aluminium is lighter than stainless steel, but harder than aluminum. The aerospace aluminium would be the best valuable option. To open beer bottles, we recommend using the aerospace aluminium or stainless steel wings since they are much sturdier than the aluminium ones.

What is the different between combo A and combo B?

Combo A included: 1. Straight Wing 2. Curved Wing 3. One tall base 4. One short base Combo B included: 1. Longer Version Straight Wing 2. Straight Wing 3. Curved Wing 4. One tall base 5. One short base Combo B included one more longer version straight wing. Combo A do not include longer straight wing.

Which set is the best for me?

1. Choose which material do you prefer? Stainless Steel, Aerospace Aluminium and Aluminium 2. Which wings do you like? Short Straight Wing, Longer Straight Wing and Curved Wing.

How long is the long straight wing?

13cm/ 130mm Long

When will I get Magcon once I placed an order?

We will ship the product to you within one week from Hong Kong. It may takes 15- 25 days for international delivery. There is USD 7 for international shipping fee with tracking number. Once we shipped it, we will send you an email with tracking number. You may check the parcel here. https://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/mail_tracking/index.html

How can I know I get an authentic Magcon?

There are trademarks on the product and packaging. "Ddiin" Trademark on the packaging, envelope, wings and tall base. "Magcon" Trademark on the wings. We only sell on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, greenfunding.jp and this official website.

Do you have tutorial video for how to use Magcon?

Please follow our instagram or facebook for the video. Instagram: @ddiin_design Facebook: @ddiindesign

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