What is an Exlicon? Description, Features and Benefits.

Exlicon is a versatile drawing equipment that is the combination of compass and protractor, perfect for creating shapes, angles and precision. It is the new math and design tool that we are bringing to the world, helpful for students, lecturers and tutors, in design, art, architecture and science.

The invention of Exlicon is based on a series of technical researches which helps:

    • Lifetime warranty. Made of 7075 aerospace aluminum property and stainless steel which ensures lifetime useful life.
      • Portable due to its lightweight.
        • High quality and precise designs
          • Non-fading markings.
            • No perforations on drawing surfaces such as paper.
              • With Exlicon one can draw any desired design.


              - Description:


              -Benefits of using Exlicon:


              Exlicon is an Innovative, highly portable, unique in its design and multifunctional designing tool is all that you need for your work to be extraordinary.

              Exlicon provides non-fading markings, and no perforations on paper while drawing.

              Exlicon is capable of drawing different sizes and creating distinct eccentricity ellipses using its convertible wings and altering the tip’s location and over 50 dimensions on the ellipses.


              1. 3 attachable wings

              Markings of check present inch.
              Composition of three distinct rulers.
              Capable of drawing distinct dimensions of ellipses and circles.

              2. Short and long straight ruler

              For drawing ideal circles from diameter 80-180mm and a 45 o straight line and equidistant straight lines.For drawing perfect circles from diameter 90-310mm, a 90 o straight line, and equidistant straight lines. Using 2 pencils to draw smaller circles, they will be golden ratio circles.

              3. Water drop wing

              For drawing patterns for mandalas from the center point.
              Drawing perfect circles using the long wing from radius 50-110mm, 5mm increments for hole-spaces. Using holes in the water drop ruler for drawing golden spirals, small ellipses, and golden triangles with golden ratio.

              4. CNC-machine

              For precision measurements.

              5.Pouch-genuine leather

              For carrying the Exlicon.


              Benefits of using Exlicon

                     1.precision without damaging your media

              EXLICON is made by CNC machining, which ensures the accuracy of the markings. It is an all-in-one drawing tool which is perfect for beginners. 

              2.Interchangeable parts and extra joints

              Exlicon is designed with interchangeable parts and extra joints to provide excellent greater utility as well as better stability. 

              (* With perfect arcs without slipping anchor points and desired sets of radial length comes only with Exlicon.)

              3.Highly portable and multifunctional designing tool
              EXLICON is an all-in-one drawing tool which is perfect for beginners. 

              It is easy to carry, and the product is precise and durable which has a long lifetime.

              4. Lifetime warranty material

              EXLICON is made of either aerospace aluminium or stainless steel. Both materials are strong and durable which allow you to use it for a long period of time. Aerospace aluminium is lighter in weight, which enables you to easily carry around. Stainless steel is a bit heavier, but much more durable. Stainless steel models can be used for an even longer period of time. 

              5. Exlicon vs traditional compass

              EXLICON is different from traditional compasses. It is an innovative tool that enables you to draw circles and ellipses without perforating the paper. It is perfect for your sketch and design.