How to draw mandalas in ellipses

Is it too boring to simply sketch a flower? Is it too simple to draw a mandala or zentangle in ellipses? Here’s some ideas to inspire you! Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures. Ordinary mandalas consist of a series of circles. Have you seen a mandala in an ellipse? Let’s get started and draw our own mandalas in oval shape. Looks complex? EXLICON helps you a great deal and you will find the drawing process enjoyable! Do it smoothly and confidently.

Starting with drawing circles as the pistil of the flower. Pick a centre point in the middle of the paper. Place the compass base of EXLICON on top of the centre and attach the wing to the compass. Smoothly rotate the wing around the base and draw a series of circles.

Unlike the traditional compass, EXLICON is a multi-functional design tool which can be used to draw perfect circles with a golden ratio.  No worry about perforating the paper. It doesn’t contain any needles. It’s well fixed on the paper with a reusable nano sticker.

Draw a vertical line, horizontal line and the diagonals radiating from the centre of the circle. These guiding lines help you in drawing symmetrical patterns.

Next, we are drawing ellipses as the petals. You can draw perfect ellipses with the help of EXLICON. Combine the long and short wings and slot into the two tips on the circular base. Slightly rotate the wing and you will get a perfectly-looking oval. By plugging into tips at different positions, you can draw ellipses in different sizes and distinct eccentricities.

Once you have outlined the shape of the flower, you can add details to the flowers. Make good use of the water drop wing to draw petals. It contains guided curves and a gold ratio guide for you to follow. You can also add other patterns such as pentagons and stars.

Add details to each of the petals. Simply use the EXLICON circular base to illustrate different lines, shapes and geometric patterns in your own style of drawing. It takes time but it’s worth it! Try to make full use of the functions of the EXLICON. Enjoy the drawing with mandalas, zentangle and use your imagination.

Replicate the patterns and lines until it fills the ellipses of each petal. EXLICON helps you create stereoscopic patterns or shapes in an easy manner.

As an all-in-one drawing tool, EXLICON is ideal for both beginners and professionals. EXLICON is made by CNC machining, which ensures the accuracy of the markings. It is made of robust and durable materials, like aerospace aluminium or stainless steel, which can extend the service life. Aerospace aluminium is lighter in weight, which enables you to easily carry around. Stainless steel is a bit heavier, but much more durable. Stainless steel models can be used for an even longer period of time. 

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