Exlicon L - Circle Tool Precision Golden Ratio Tools for Art and Geometry

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Exlicon L - Circle Tool

Precision Golden Ratio Tools for Art and Geometry

*This is a pre-order item, and we will ship it in August 2024. 


 1 x Exlicon L Circle Tool

Exlicon L Circle Tool Features:

➤ Wide Range of Circle Sizes:
➤ This portable Tool is 100 mm in diameter
➤ 3 Golden Ratio Radii Groups
➤ Designed with Different Size of Marker Lines 

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Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set: Circle Tool

How many circles can be drawn?
The design of the Circle Tool has a broad spectrum of radius sizes enabling a total of 112 circles to be drawn. 

What is the size of the Circle Tool?
The Circle Tool is designed 100 mm in diameter.

17 Small Circles in full Diameter on Tool
There are a total of 17 small circles with diameters ranging from (smallest) 1mm to (largest) 10mm

A group of Three Circles with Radii in Golden Ratio
The group consists of three circles with radii in the golden ratio, starting from radii 5mm, 10mm, and 15 mm respectively.

Group 1 (Semi-Circle)
5mm, 8mm, 13mm, 21mm, 34mm in radii

Group 2 (no-marking)
15 mm, 24mm, 39mm in radii

Group 3 (Semi-Circle)
10 mm, 16mm, 26mm, 42mm in radii

What if they are in full circumference?
The image below demonstrates the arrangement consists of 8 lines and holes, organized into 3 sets of golden ratio circles with radii measuring 5, 10, and 15 mm. Each set is visually distinguished by unique marking groups: a semi-circle for the 5 mm radius circle, number markings linked with dotted lines for the 10 mm radius circle, and a square for the 15 mm radius circle.

3 various Width & Length of semi-circle holes
The  3mm width semi-circle line holes with a total length of 8.56 - 53.3 mm are suitable for artists and designers to draw lines using marker pen or fill a 3mm width line, from fine details to bold strokes; 2mm width line holes with lengths ranging from 68.2 to 112.9 mm;  Rest of 8 line holes in 1.1 mm width.de

Three different measurement scales
There are three rulers available in the circle tool:
- An inch ruler with a length of 1 inch, width of 1 mm.
- A millimeter ruler with a length of 35.5 mm/ 3.5cm, width 1 mm.
- A circumference ruler with a length of 18 cm.

Two rows of holes encircling the periphery
The Waterdrop holes as outer track: accommodate thicker refills to create dot

There are rounded rectangles as an inner track that allows you to draw dots by ballpoint pen, expanding the options beyond just marker pens.
Additionally, there is a 10-degree compartment between holes, especially for beginners to draw grids or mandalas.

Markings Around The Tool 

The triangle-marked pair of holes is used for labeling the largest radius of a circle with a radius of 95 mm.

The pair of holes with square markings is used for labeling circles with radii of 89.5 mm.

Two pairs of holes with circle markings are used for labeling circles with radii of 45.5 and 47.5 mm. 

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