How to Draw A Magic Circle?

 Magic circle is a symbol associated with the Sun, gold, singularity, eternity, completion and the self. Looks complex? It is easy to draw with the aid of the EXLICON drawing tool.

Pick a centre point in the middle of the paper. Draw a series of concentric circles with EXLICON. Place on the paper the EXLICON compass base with the long wing attached. Rotate the long wing around the base with your pen. Adjust the radii of the circle by putting your pen in a different hole on the long wing.

Mark every 30° on the larger set of circles. No worries about getting a protractor! EXLICON is an all-in-one tool that can also function as a protractor. There are clear angle markings on the compass base. What you need to do is only rotate the wing around the base once again, pause at the right angle and make a little marking on the edge of the circle.

Draw a series of inner circles with the same centre. This time, we can use the short wing.

We are drawing two overlapping stars inside the inner circles. EXLICON is also a great tool to help you in drawing perfect stars. Look for the star symbol on the compass base. Move the wing to the points marked with a star, then mark a dot on the edge of the smaller circles. Connect the dots with a ruler. Use the long wing as a ruler. 

Draw another star on top of the first star. The top star should be 36° tilted. When you place the compass base again on the paper, remember to tilt the base to around 36° before you start to mark the dots. Connect the dots with a ruler. 

Choose a star to be on top. Erase the overlapped lines which are supposed to be underneath the top star. Add some decorative elements to the stars.

Next, we are drawing 3 overlapping squares within the larger set of circles. Mark points at every 30° on the edge of the large circle. Connect the dots with the long wing ruler. Make sure you have connected the dots correctly to form 3 squares.

You can create elements for the magic circle. Make the best use of the EXLICON to draw geometries including circles, ellipses, pentagons and shapes with golden ratio. You can also draw a perfect moon shape by drawing 2 circles of different sizes, the smaller circle inside the larger one. A perfect moon shape remains after removing the redundant lines. 

Use your creativity to add decorative elements to the magic circle. There is no rule for the design. Enjoy the arts and draw something you love!

If you draw your pattern in a pencil, you can trace the lines with a pen. You can also color the magic circle pattern to make it stand out. 

EXLICON is made of either aerospace aluminium or stainless steel. Both materials are strong and durable which allow you to use it for a long period of time. Aerospace aluminium is lighter in weight, which enables you to easily carry around. Stainless steel is a bit heavier, but much more durable. Stainless steel models can be used for an even longer period of time.

EXLICON is made by CNC machining, which ensures the accuracy of the markings. It is an all-in-one drawing tool which is perfect for beginners. It helps you a great deal to draw mandalas. Worry no more in drawing circles and curved lines! EXLICON is now on ‘Indiegogo’

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