Looking for a designer compass to draw on large dimensions?

For drawing lovers and designers



Preciseness without damaging your media

Extendable magnetic rulers to draw 

on A0 paper

Interchangeable parts and extra joints

Rolling measurement with accuracy 

and precision on any surfaces

• Highly portable and multifunctional designing tool

Lifetime Warranty Material

Flexibility & Precision

Exlicon MX is designed with extendable magnetic parts and extra joints to provide greater utility as well as better stability.

The Perfect Illustration

Exlicon MX ensures perfect circles, shapes and numerous designs for your masterpiece artwork and precious designs.

For Professionals

Exlicon MX is an all-purpose designer compass without a needle

The perfect and ideal match for artists, and the best designer office stationery there is.

For Mandala Lovers

Exlicon MX as a stationery compass suitable for all Mandala lovers, regardless of your expertise or skills. 

Exlicon MX helps you draw large circles even on A0 paper.

Artist Review

  • demilangart
    The tool was really useful for helping me draw out
  • studio_iva
    Had a lot of fun creating these bubbles using the design tool
  • paintersen
    It's very portable and 

    I can easily draw circles with this unique tool

  • ga.l.m
    It's a very practical and precise tool
star   Artist Review


With Exlicon MX, you can draw circles from 10mm (0.4 inch) to 475mm (18.7 inches) in diameter: that is as large as an A0 paper.

We use stainless steel and aerospace aluminum.

Stainless steel is harder and heavier which offers great strength and durability.

Aerospace offers similar strength and durability, but is much lighter (a third of the weight of stainless steel) which means it is more portable.

Both materials are resistant to corrosion and are highly durable. Both are designed to last a lifetime and are 100% recyclable.

Nope, using the components together will affect the accuracy and the overall performance of the product.

The bases and connector of wings are different in curvature and dimension.

Exlicon MX’s base is equipped with a unique design so that its rulers can be connected to draw on bigger dimensions. This enables large but also perfect and flawless circles and shapes to be drawn on A0 paper.

Magcon allows measurements and sketching for angles, circles, straight and curved lines.

Exlicon allows measurements and drawing shapes in limited dimensions.

Exlicon MX is an upgraded version of the previous models.

Apart from the above functions, users can draw circles and shapes on with up to 475mm in diameter (A0 paper).

On top of that, Hexagons, Pentagrams, Golden ratio circles, Triangles, Fibonacci sequences, Spirals, and more.

Yes, we do worldwide shipping.