How to draw waves with Exlicon MX?

Exlicon MX enables you to draw not only mandalas, but also other great artworks. Waves drawing might seem difficult, but with Exlicon MX waves drawing will be just like a piece of cake. This tutorial will guide you through how to draw waves with an Oriental style using Exlicon MX.

First use Exlicon MX to draw a circle. This is to establish the area where your waves would be.

Then draw the waves and curves. This will require quite a bit of time.

After finishing drawing the waves, use a pencil to draw lines radiating from the rim. Then, use the MX disc to complete drawing the sun. After a bit more polishing and refining, you have your waves drawn inside the perfect circle!

Ocean waves drawing might be a bit difficult at first, but Exlicon MX helps. 

Start drawing perfect waves with Exlicon MX right now. 

EXLICON is made of either aerospace aluminium or stainless steel. Both materials are strong and durable which allow you to use them for a long period of time. Aerospace aluminium is lighter in weight, which enables you to easily carry around. Stainless steel is a bit heavier, but much more durable. Stainless steel models can be used for an even longer period of time.   

EXLICON is made by CNC machining, which ensures the accuracy of the markings. It is an all-in-one drawing tool which is perfect for beginners. It helps you a great deal to draw mandalas. Worry no more in drawing circles and curved lines!

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