Not only Mandalas, But whatever you want! Vintage mirror painting!

Exlicon is only for creating mandalas? The answer is definitely no. You can create whatever you want with the help of Exlicon. In this tutorial, you will know how to create a painting of an elegant vintage mirror ornament!

Beside the paper, pencils, and watercolors, all you need is Exlicon!

Firstly, Draw a ellipse mirror plane through using Exlicon attached with both short wing and long wing. Stick the long wing and short wing together then attach to Exlicon base, Exlicon is unlike common compass, you can use it to draw not only circles but also ellipses without leaving any holes. Just put your nib in the hole on the wing, then slide it to draw an ellipse. The wing will move automatically in the crossing groove.

After creating the ellipse, remove the base and use the long wing attached with the short wing to draw the center axis of the mirror ornament. Every two parts of Exlicon can be spliced together. Drawing the center axis can make sure that your main object: the mirror is not skew.


Then, lengthen the center axis to create the handle of the mirror through using the water drop wing. Water drop wing is another excellent part of Exlicon which is able to help you with drawing the handle. You could use it to draw perfect curves, even with golden ratio.

By now, you have done the outline of the mirror painting. You can make it more detailed as you like. For instance, here we use circular and ellipse discs to draw gemstones with a string of pearls in the handle. Exlicon circular disc and ellipse disc have a range of 10,12 and 14 degrees for all chamfered holes that are an excellent partner in making large complex grids. You can easily sketch the outline of your painting as you want accurately. Also you can use the short wing and the long wing to sketch the outline of the gemstones.

The following step is to sketch whatever you want on the mirror plane to make it more wonderful. Here we are drawing a bird with some flowers and leaves, as well as a bunch of grapes to fulfill the mirror plane. You can also use the ellipse to add more pearl decors. Then, you got the outline of the vintage mirror painting.


All the things left is to colour it as you prefer.

Finally, you made yourself an elegant vintage mirror ornament.


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