Exlicon L - TG Tool -Precision Golden Ratio Tools for Art and Geometry

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Exlicon L - Big TG Tool 

Precision Golden Ratio Tools for Art and Geometry

*This is a pre-order item, and we will ship it in August 2024. 


 1 x Exlicon L TG Tool

Size: 100 * 70.5mm

Exlicon L TG Tool Features:

➤ 3 Groups of Golden Spiral Lines
➤ Golden triangle with Isosceles Triangles
➤ Largest Circle Radius Size is 94mm
➤ Parabolic Curve
➤ Angle Measurements from 0° to 100°

Funded on Kickstarter 2024!!

Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set: TG Tool

What can we draw? 

The overall size of the Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set (TG Tool) is 100mm *70.5mm

3 Groups of Golden Spiral Lines

There are 3 spiral lines with 55.7, 51.7 & 47.4 mm in radius respectively. The following collection can form 3 groups of Fibonacci golden ratio lines.

Golden Triangle
There is 1 set of marked golden triangles, consisting of four triangles in total.  The outer triangle in the set has holes that are split 5 mm apart.

Largest Circle Radius Size
Circles ranging from 5 to 94 mm in radius can be drawn, using two pens to draw.

Angle Measurements
The protractor ranges from 0 to 100 degrees and has corresponding holes at each 10-degree increment.

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