Exlicon- Groundbreaking multi-shape design tool Aerospace Aluminum Combo B

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Exlicon - Groundbreaking multi-shape design tool



Funded on Kickstarter 2020



Exlicon - Groundbreaking multi-shape design tool

Draw all shapes with ease such as ellipses, circles, golden ratio, pentagons, hexagons, and more. Focus on your creative aspect.


Exlicon is an innovative, highly portable, uniquely design multifunctional tool. It is all that you need for your work to be extraordinary.


From accurate ellipses to circles, Exlicon can draw shapes of any kind. Unleashed your creativity with the help of Exlicon.

After a year of innovative designing and numerous testing, we now introduce to you our exceptional new product called Exlicon, which is an upgraded version of our previously hit product Magcon that has been sold and shipped to over 80+ countries worldwide.

Are you fed up with old-school compasses for your pictures with holes all over the drawing surface, several erasing, and sometimes stray drawings? Let us introduce Exlicon, a stainless steel, lightweight multiuse stationery product with several handy abilities that you never witnessed before.

The list of remarkable features just doesn’t end here. Our new predictive Exlicon takes precision to the next level with its unique portable design without compromising accuracy of measurements and design.

Exlicon is an innovative, highly portable, uniquely design multifunctional tool. It is all that you need for your work to be extraordinary.

From accurate ellipses to circles, Exlicon can draw shapes of any kind. Unleashed your creativity with the help of Exlicon.

Exlicon is capable of drawing different sizes and creating distinct eccentric ellipses using its convertible wings. It can also be used in drawing vertical and horizontal ellipses by altering the tip’s location.

By combining different rulers, Exlicon offers a diverse creation of shapes and ellipses of over 50 dimensions.


The short ruler can draw a circle from 15mm to 180 mm while the long ruler can allow you to make circles and shapes from 15mm to 310 mm diameter. 



With an upgraded base of 50 mm measurements for stability, Exlicon allows you to create any shapes you want at any degrees without perforating the medium you use to draw on. 

Its high precision makes it an ideal tool for making and drawing shapes with golden ratio and Fibonacci sequences.


One of the remarkable features that remains unmatched to any other drawing tool is our attachable water drop wing that no only be used to make circles from 50mm-110mm radius but also triangles, spirals and circles with golden ratio. This takes your design up a whole new level in not just measurements but also in overall presentation, providing a perfect professional look. 

Exlicon is not just limited to the shape of circles but you can efficiently draw pentagrams and hexagons. Just attach the ideal ruler you want your drawing to be, and follow the markings on the base to achieve these shapes with a golden ratio.  


To draw a pentagram or hexagon, the stars marked on the base can be used as directions to draw perfect shapes. The modifications that you can make according to your need is what makes Exlicon a perfect user friendly and efficient tool for everyone.

Perfect for mandala and all other types of art, you can make water drop wing with precision allowing beautiful details that makes it easy for you to execute your creativity on paper.

Exlicon is the futuristic tool for designing. To make double circle, you can use to two pens with the long ruler simultaneously.

Its highly precise checkered markings paired with its ruler with similar markings provide highly accurate and error free drawings that are an ideal for not just 

architects but for all the designers who want their works to be as accurate as possible.

The highly precise attachable rulers are intricately designed with chamfered holes that make it easy and accessible to fit pens for outlining work and simultaneously create circles and shapes without any error.


Utilizing the projection on the shorter ruler, Exlicon can draw a 45 & 90 degrees straight lines.


By altering the location of the tip, Exlicon draws vertical and horizontal ellipses with distinct eccentricities.

Mark a center point, and on top, place the guiding compass. Turn the short downside and merge the long wing/waterdrop wing. Plugging the ruler into a suitable tip, then draw an ellipse. Turning the end to the 2nd arrow to draw a small eccentricity ellipse.

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Excellent design for creating. Will be very useful in my art designs.

Alwyn Lane

Exlicon Aerospace Aluminum Combo B

Rebecca Avant

Exlicon Aerospace Aluminum Combo B

Donald Kyle

Exlicon Aerospace Aluminum Combo B