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Exlicon Stainless Steel Designer Disc

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Stainless Steel Designer Disc


A good tool for mandalas lover for drawing grid before you draw.


It is your all weather and all design friend that you can put to use to explore your creative dimensions. Exlicon adopts to a futuristic approach and allows you build onto your designs with Exlicon stainless steel disc that has a range of 10,12 and 14 degrees for all chamfered holes that are an excellent partner in making large complex grids.


The Exlicon disc has a range of 10 degrees for outer line and draw golden spiral easily.

Made with brass, ellipse disc comes with unbreakable durability that is lightweight and portable.


Following the success of Magcon, we have spent a year refining and improving on that design to create the Exlicon that we are offering you now. 

Exlicon’s convertible, durable, and user-friendly design is not just limited to the use of professionals but is also for students who are keen on doing art. If you are an artist, architect, designer, or an art enthusiast, Exlicon is the masterpiece that you must have for your art to be precise, beautiful and unique with absolute effortlessness.

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Stainless Steel Exlicon

Arrived well packaged. Love the tin case and insert padding. Would really appreciate more instructions. I know there are tutorial's but not on the waterdrop wing. The hole in the base is way too small for realigning back to your work. The stainless steel is beautiful as also is the precision.